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Oil contamination is a significant problem for several reasons:

Impact on Infrastructure: Oil contamination damages infrastructure like pipelines, tanks, and transportation systems, disrupting supply chains and raising maintenance costs. It also corrodes machinery, reducing lifespan and efficiency.


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  • Selecting the best-performing oil for your specific application can result in longer drain intervals and lower maintenance cost. By implementing an oil analysis program, you can optimize the drain intervals of your oils.
  • One crucial aspect to consider is avoiding varnish. Deposits can not only lead ...
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  • Using Low-Quality Lubricants - Firstly, Using low-quality lubricants can cause problems in machinery, so knowing the right way to apply lubricant is important. However, using higher-quality lubricants can improve efficiency.
  • Not Considering Operating Conditions - Neglecting to consider the various op...
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Myth: Lubricants are clean if grit or sediment cannot be seen.

Fact: Contamination from water, dirt, and incompatible oil can severely and detrimentally affect the useful life of the lubricant. Even fresh oil in the barrel can be dirtier than the used oil that is drained from the system.


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  • Enhanced Product Quality: Contamination control ensures consistency and purity, leading to higher-quality products and reduced defects.
  • Cost Savings: By preventing contamination-related issues, such as product recalls or equipment damage, businesses can save on operational costs.
  • Safety Assurance: Con...
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