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Electrostatic Oil Cleaning Machine

The electrostatic oil filter works on principles of physics, creating 18 static energy fields the contaminated oil is force through these fields at a specific rate. The energy from the fields pulls the contamination particles out of the oil. Contaminant particles bond to the millions of sharp edges in our collection media inside the filter cartridge. Electrostatic oil cleaners (ELC Machines) are supplied with a contamination test kit. The oil samples drawn from the electrostatic oil cleaner are subjected to Millipore Test with the help of this kit.

Liasotech ELC system

·  Plastics Injection / Blow Moulding Machines Industries

·  Aluminum Extrusion & Die Casting Machines.

·  CNC Machine Tools.

·  Hot Press in Plywood Industries.

·  Power Generation Plant & Hydro Power Plant

·  Ceramics Industries, Aviation, Railways & Automobile Industries.

·  Hydraulic Press & Hot / Cold Steel Industries.

·  Bearing Lubrication System. Earth Moving, Construction & Mining Equipment.

·  Power Transmission Plant & Many More.


·  Elimination of System Mechanical Filters.

·  Increase Productivity & Reduce Rejections.

·  Increase Oil Life & Extend Oil Change Frequency.

·  Increase Equipment Life like System Pumps, Valves, and Seals etc.

·  EH&S (Environment, Health & Safety) friendly.

·  Longer Oil Life. No Oil Leakages Longer Equipment Life.

·  Reduce Operating Cost, Maintenance Cost, Machine down time system warm up period.

·  Avoids Back Pressure & Subsequent back flow of

·  Contaminant Due to Clogged filter Elements.

·  Energy Saving by Keeping Oil Clean.

Suitable For

·  Hydraulic Oil

·  Lubrication Oil

·  Turbine Oil