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Oil Analysis

Our new oil analysis laboratory in Jamshedpur is set to open. Equipped with the latest technology, this cutting-edge facility ensures unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in testing processes. It will be dedicated to conducting a comprehensive array of tests, including Particle Count, Moisture, Viscosity, Tan/TBN, Ferrography, Elemental Analysis, and many other essential tests.

Liasotech Oil Filtration System
  • State-of-the-art oil testing laboratory
  • Wide range of tests including Particle Count, Moisture, Viscosity, TAN/TBN, Ferrography, Elemental Analysis, etc.
  • Test results available within 72 hours of sample receipt
  • All tests and analysis as per Global ASTM standards
  • Most accurate and reliable test results
  • Early Detection of Equipment Issues
  • Reduces downtime by ensuring maintenance occurs only when necessary
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Minimizes unnecessary oil changes and maintenance activities, saving on both material and labor costs
  • Improved Performance and Efficiency
  • Helps to meet regulatory requirements for equipment maintenance and environmental standards