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Vacuum Dehydrator Filtration Systems

Liasotech Vacuum Dehydrators are high-end technology machines used for the removal of water and fine filtration of all types of industrial oils. These machines are designed to run 24/7 unattended with very little maintenance required. They are reliable, easy to operate and drain water automatically at fixed time intervals. These machines can remove 100% of free and emulsified water and 90% of dissolved water from oils. If equipped with our specially designed 3-micron absolute filters, they will also achieve fluid cleanliness of ISO 14/12/09 or NAS 3.

  • Achieve water content of as low as 50 ppm
  • Achieve Particle Count Readings as low as ISO 14/12/09 or NAS 3
  • Flow Rates Range From 20 LPM to 100 LPM
  • Suction Strainer for Pump Protection
  • Oil Sample Ports
  • High Pressure Trip Switch
  • Auto Water Drain Valve
Suitable For
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Gear Oil (upto 680cSt)
  • Control Fluids
  • Quenching Oil
Working Video of Vacuum Dehydrator Machine