Oil Filtration Machine Upgradation

The Problem

You have already purchased oil filtration machines, but oil is not as clean as it should be. You are not happy with the performance of the machine but you do not wish to purchase another filtration machine. Most oil filtration machine manufacturers claim that their filtration machines achieve fluid cleanliness of ISO 15/13/10 or NAS 4 but they are not able to keep the oil that clean.

The Solution

Liasotech has come up with a unique low-cost solution for your problem. Now upgrade any oil filtration machine to achieve fluid cleanliness of as low as ISO 14/12/09 or NAS 3. This upgrade will cost you less than 50% of the price of a new filtration machine. We will upgrade your existing oil filtration machines by attaching our complete filter housing set. This will allow us to employ our high-efficiency filter elements that will guarantee such fluid cleanliness. This upgrade is going to make your existing filtration machine far superior.

  • Achieve Particle Count Readings as low as ISO 14/12/09 or NAS 3
  • Costs 50% less than a new filtration machine
  • No need to purchase expensive filters of existing filter machine manufacturer
  • Portable, Reliable and easy to operate
Suitable For
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Gear Oil (upto 680cSt)
  • Water Glycol Oil