Case Studies
Case Study 1: Enhancing Operational Efficiency through Liasotech Oil Filtration System in a Plant in Metal Industry

Liasotech Machine Performance

Background: A leading corporation operating a plant in Metal industry faced challenges related to machinery downtime, maintenance costs, and environmental compliance due to inefficient oil filtration systems in their heavy machinery.

Problem: The existing oil filtration system (ELC machine) suffered from inadequate particlulate filtration, leading to accelerated wear and tear of critical machinery components. This resulted in frequent breakdowns, high maintenance costs, and increased production downtime, severely affecting the plant's productivity and profitability. 

Solution: Our service engineer was deputed to assess the machinery, oil usage, and maintenance records in order to determine the specifications and requirements for an oil filtration system. After careful consideration, the plant made the decision to install Liasotech oil filtration system as an integral part of its maintenance strategy.

Results: After three days of time, no issues have been reported by the plant officials. Liasotech representative rechecked the oil, the result was outstanding, within just 3 days, we have successfully achieved NAS 3 from NAS 8. 

Benefit: The plant officials are highly satisfied with the outcome, as it signifies a significant reduction in potential issues and improved overall performance. 

Case Study 2: The implementation of an oil filtration system improves efficiency and sustainability in a Steel Plant.

Liasotech Machine Performance

Problem: One of the leading Steel plants was facing challenges related to increased maintenance costs, frequent breakdowns, and decreased production efficiency due to contamination in the Hydraulic system. Plant officials recognised the need for an effective solution to address these issues and contacted Liasotech for proper filtration and decrease in frequent breakdowns.


Solution: Our service engineer was deputed for an assessment of its machinery, oil usage, and maintenance records to determine the specifications and requirements of the oil filtration system. The plant decided to install a Liasotech oil filtration system as part of its maintenance strategy. 

Results: The implementation of the oil filtration system yielded several positive outcomes, we successfully achieved NAS 4 from NAS 12 within a short time frame. By maintaining oil cleanliness, the system reduced wear and tear on machinery components, resulting in decrease in equipment breakdowns, lower maintenance costs and environmental sustainability. 
Case Study 3: Saving Hydraulic System from breakdown

Hydraulic System brought back to life

A Hydraulic System of 8000 liters tank capacity in Continuous Caster area of one of the largest steel plants saw an unexpected ingress of water post maintenance shut down.

When our technicians went for a routine online particle count visit, they found the oil to be contaminated with water. Immediately our Vacuum dehydrator filtration machine was connected to the hydraulic system. Within a few days we were able to bring the highly contaminated oil down from ISO 23/23/19 or NAS class 12+ to ISO 13/11/09 or NAS class 3.

You can see the oil samples and online particle count readings below:

Liasotech  Liasotech    

   Before Filtration                   After Filtration                    Initial Reading                              Final Reading

Case Study 4: How our Hydraulic oil filtration system had given oil results of NAS 6 to NAS 0?

Liasotech Machine Performance

Synopsys- The plant was unable to maintain oil cleanliness level below NAS 5 which affected their overall functioning of the systems. Liasotech Hydraulic Filtration System was suggested and the plant got the desired results within a few days of filtration.

Problems- One of the plant in the Metal processing industry in West Bengal was not able to maintain oil cleanliness and did not get the desired result of below NAS 5 in one of its hydraulic systems. They were consistently getting higher particle counts of NAS 6 to 8 with very high contaminated oil despite running the ELC filtration machine for a long time which affects its servo valves very badly.

Solutions- The ELC machine was replaced by Liasotech Hydraulic oil filtration machine, to remove the particulate contamination in this hydraulic system we selected our finest 3-micron absolute filter elements. And we successfully achieved NAS 6 to NAS 0 within just a few days of filtration. Along with the machine installation, our service engineer trained the customer’s team to run the machine properly.


  • Extending the oil life

  • Extending the life of the machine parts

  • Almost zero breakdown due to oil contamination

Case Study 5: Oil Filtration Demonstration from NAS 12 to NAS 5
An oil cleaning demonstration was conducted at one of the plastic industry customer sites on 27th December’2022.

BACKGROUND: The customer approached us after so many unsuccessful trials with different filtration companies for cleaning the hydraulic oil. Finally they approached Liasotech for filtration of hydraulic oil and acheiving desired NAS Class as required by the sophisticated equipment.

INTERVENTION: Liasotech service engineer was deputed to the customer site for initial assessment and upon testing the oil with, it was found to be NAS >12 whereas the system requirement was NAS 5. Subsequently, a 12 LPM oil filtration machine with 3 Micron filters were installed under the expert supervision of our service engineer. The machine went on cleaning oil continuously for about 48 hours. 

RESULT: The initial quality of the oil was NAS 12, then the oil was successfully cleaned, and NAS 5 was achieved.

ACTION: The customer has expressed their desire to purchase our oil filtration systems.

Case Study 6: How Quickly Can You Filter Hydraulic Oil?

The Problem

An integrated steel plant in Odisha was not able to maintain oil cleanliness in one of its hydraulic systems (3000ltrs tank capacity). They were consistently getting NAS 10 or higher particle count readings which are very high contamination levels for any critical hydraulic system, and this was despite running an ELC filtration machine continuously 24/7.

The Solution

ELC Filtration machine was replaced by our Hydraulic oil filtration system (HOFS-16) on 21st March 2021. Initial particle count readings were recorded around 9 am before commencing our oil filtration machine. To remove the particulate contamination in this hydraulic system we selected our finest 3-micron absolute filter elements.

The Results

Initial Particle Count Reading - 09:30AM

The initial particle count reading taken at 9:30 am was 20/19/11 or NAS Class 10 which is very much on the higher side for any hydraulic system.

Final Particle Count Reading - 05:30PM

The final particle count reading was taken at 5:30pm and it was just 15/14/09 or NAS Class 5 which is really clean for any hydraulic system.

We at Liasotech Private Limited design our hydraulic oil filtration systems in such a way that particulate contamination is arrested as quickly as possible because we understand that each and every minute the oil remains contaminated, the hydraulic system is facing wear and tear.

As you can see above it took us just 8 hours to bring contamination down from NAS 10 to NAS 5 levels in a 3000 litres hydraulic system using our 16LPM hydraulic oil filtration machine (Model - HOFS-16).