Technical Questions

Liasotech Technical Questions offer various knowledge about of oil filtration, contamination control. 

Why is Hydraulic Oil filtration required?

It is important to control contamination to protect the hydraulic system components from damage caused by the particles in the hydraulic oil. Particulate Contamination is entering hydraulic systems every second and these particles can damage the critical components of the system. Thus, it is very important to have a proper filtration system in place that would increase the life of hydraulic system. 

How clean should be oil in hydraulic systems?
High Performance Hydraulic Systems which have critical valves like servo valves must maintain oil cleanliness of ISO 15/13/10 or NAS 4 to be able to perform smoothly. Less critical hydraulic systems which have proportional valves are not as sensitive to contamination requires oil cleanliness of ISO 17/15/12 or NAS 6 to be able to perform smoothly. Then there are other hydraulic systems which are not very critical and can perform fine with less clean oils like ISO 19/17/14 or NAS 8. 

What are the benefits of using offline filtration systems?

Offline filtration units reduce the overall filtration costs by up to 70%. These filter units are separate compact systems and comes with their own motor and pump and thus there is no need to wait for shutdown to be able to change filter elements. These machines run 24/7 keeping the oil clean even when the system is in shutdown.