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Press Releases
Empowering Sustainability, Enhancing Reliability: Liasotech Private Limited
Liasotech team on World Environment Day

[05.06.2024, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand] - On World Environment Day, Liasotech Private Limited is proud to announce its contribution towards environmental sustainability by significantly reducing carbon footprints. The company’s innovative approach focuses on eliminating the frequent oil changes caused by particle contamination which ultimately boosts machine stability and enhances overall reliability.
Liasotech always aims to transform the industry with its state-of-the-art technologies, focusing on key advancements such as Nano Filtration, which significantly reduces oil particle count, and moisture control, maintaining moisture content below 100 PPM. Additionally, their cutting-edge solutions aim to reduce varnish, ensuring the MPC value stays below 15. Liasotech delivers significant value across multiple dimensions, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency. Firstly, it provides substantial environmental benefits by reducing the carbon footprints of its clients. Additionally, Liasotech demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability within its manufacturing facilities by eliminating plastic waste, utilizing LED bulbs to conserve energy, implementing water conservation measures, and actively participating in planting more trees. Secondly, it offers cost advantages through savings on the purchase of new oil and the disposal of discarded oil. Finally, Liasotech enhances performance by preventing unplanned downtime, ensuring seamless operations, and maintaining continuous productivity.

Liasotech's new initiative, NANO FILTRATION, marks a significant leap forward. The environmental benefits of nano filtration are undeniable. By enabling the reuse of oil, we achieve a remarkable 96% reduction in CO₂ emissions compared to conventional oil cycles. This substantial decrease contributes significantly to our collective efforts in combatting climate change and preserving our planet for future generations. Liasotech prioritizes environmental responsibility as a fundamental value.

“By implementing these initiatives, Liasotech Private Limited not only enhances equipment performance but also significantly contributes to environmental conservation. This World Environment Day, let us all commit to making choices that protect and sustain our planet for future generations," stated Mr. Mayank Jayaswal, Director of Liasotech Private Limited.
Liasotech Celebrates International Yoga Day, Promoting Wellness and Work-Life Balance

[21.06.2024, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand] – Liasotech, a leading manufacturer of Oil Filtration Systems, is embracing International Yoga Day as part of its commitment to encourage a culture of wellness and work-life balance among its team members. The company believes that a balanced approach to work and life not only enhances individual well-being but also boosts overall productivity and creativity in the workplace.


Yoga has been recognized for its ability to reduce stress, improve focus, and promote physical fitness, June 21st serves as a reminder to prioritize health and wellness amidst busy schedules. Liasotech recognizes the importance of integrating mindfulness practices such as yoga into the daily lives of its employees to promote physical and mental well-being.


"We were excited to celebrate International Yoga Day at Liasotech," said Vatsala Jaiswal, Director, Liasotech Private Limited, "Yoga is not just about physical exercise; it's a holistic practice that contributes to stress reduction, increased focus, and improved overall health. By encouraging our team to participate in yoga sessions, we aimed to create a supportive environment where everyone could grow both personally and professionally."


Liasotech Team celebrated World Youth Skills Day with a transformative communication skills session

[15.07.2024, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand] – In celebration of World Youth Skills Day, Liasotech successfully conducted a comprehensive communication skills enhancement session for employees led by Mr. K.K. Mahajan, Chief Operating Officer of Liasotech Pvt. Ltd. The event, held today, aimed to encourage effective communication and professional growth among the employees.

The session was designed to address various aspects of communication, including verbal and non-verbal techniques, active listening, and effective feedback. Through interactive session, exercises, and expert-led discussions, employees were equipped with essential skills to improve their social interactions and professional rapport.

"We believe that strong communication skills are fundamental to personal and professional growth," said Mr. K.K. Mahajan, COO of Liasotech Private Limited. "This training not only aligns with our commitment to employee development but also honor the spirit of World Youth Skills Day."

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciations for the opportunity to enhance their skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

Liasotech remains dedicated to promote a culture of continuous learning and professional development, ensuring the team is well-equipped to meet the challenges of today's dynamic workplace.