Important Functions of Hydraulic Filters

10.02.24 11:37 AM Comment(s) By Liasotech Team

  • Contaminant Removal: Hydraulic systems, operating under high pressure and precision, are susceptible to tiny particles. Filters act as the main defense against contaminants like dirt, debris, and metal particles that could enter the hydraulic fluid. Unchecked impurities can cause abrasion, wear, and damage to vital components.
  • Water Separation: Water is a common threat to hydraulic systems, potentially causing corrosion and affecting fluid performance. Specialized filters with water-absorbing media play a crucial role in isolating and eliminating water from the hydraulic fluid. This ensures optimal system operation and reduces the risk of damage.
  • Air Filtration: Even during regular operation, air can enter hydraulic systems, leading to fluid aeration. Filters designed to capture air bubbles act as a preventive measure against cavitation, where bubble formation and collapse can harm hydraulic components.

Liasotech Team

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