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Oil contamination is a significant problem for several reasons:

Impact on Infrastructure: Oil contamination damages infrastructure like pipelines, tanks, and transportation systems, disrupting supply chains and raising maintenance costs. It also corrodes machinery, reducing lifespan and efficiency.


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  • Contaminant Removal: Hydraulic systems, operating under high pressure and precision, are susceptible to tiny particles. Filters act as the main defense against contaminants like dirt, debris, and metal particles that could enter the hydraulic fluid. Unchecked impurities can cause abrasion, wear, and...
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  • External Particulate Contamination: The contamination of hydraulic fluid can be primarily caused by external particulate matter. Through breather caps, seals, or damaged reservoirs, dust, dirt, and debris can infiltrate the hydraulic system.
  • Water Ingress: The use of contaminated hydraulic fluid...
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Myth: Lubricants are clean if grit or sediment cannot be seen.

Fact: Contamination from water, dirt, and incompatible oil can severely and detrimentally affect the useful life of the lubricant. Even fresh oil in the barrel can be dirtier than the used oil that is drained from the system.


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Fluid Cleanliness
  • The level of cleanliness of a fluid, such as hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil refers to the extent to which it is free of impurities. Hydraulic systems play a vital role in manufacturing by controlling movements and powering various machinery. Proper maintenance of hydraulic fluids is necessary to p...
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